AAUP Faculty Compensation Survey

2017-18 AAUP Faculty Compensation Survey

The annual AAUP Faculty Compensation Survey is the largest independent source of data on full-time faculty salary and benefits at two- and four-year colleges and universities in the United States. The 2018 iteration of the survey includes information on salary and benefits for more than 378,865 faculty members from more than 1,000 institutions in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. The survey, along with the accompanying "Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession," is published each year in the March–April issue of Academe, the AAUP's magazine. Inside Higher Ed below presents these data in an easily searchable database.

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InstitutionCategoryState Avg. Salary
Full Professors
Avg. Change
Continuing Full Professors
Full Professors
Avg. Total Compensation
Full Professors
Salary Equitysort descending
Full Professors
Austin College Baccalaureate TEXAS $77,800 0.7% 31 $101,800 77.6
Southwestern University Baccalaureate TEXAS $89,200 3.6% 41 $116,300 87.3
Birmingham Southern College Baccalaureate ALABAMA $80,400 0.3% 38 $102,800 95.5
Texas Lutheran University Baccalaureate TEXAS $74,600 2.6% 27 $92,700 96.5
McMurry University Baccalaureate TEXAS $67,700 10.4% 29 $81,300 98.8
University of Dallas Baccalaureate TEXAS $95,400 0.0% 23 $118,200 104.4
Huntingdon College Baccalaureate ALABAMA $76,700 0.0% 13 $89,500 109.6
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