Dean Arrested on Charge of Assaulting Colleague

Ontario Wooden, a dean at North Carolina Central University, has been arrested and charged with assaulting a colleague, The Durham Herald-Sun reported. The arrest warrant for Wooden said that he "unlawfully and willfully" assaulted a woman (an unnamed employee at the university) "by grabbing her forearm and shoving her against a cabinet, causing scratches and bruises on the forearm and upper left shoulder." The dean was released on bond, and the university declined to comment on the arrest.

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Faculty Layoffs at Mitchell College

Mitchell College, in Connecticut, is laying off seven professors, 20 percent of the full-time faculty, The Day reported. College officials said that they were forced to take action because enrollment this fall is 720 full-time students, not the expected 760. The faculty members losing their jobs have been at the college for between 2 and 10 years.


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McQueary Sues Penn State

Mike McQueary, the former assistant football coach at Pennsylvania State University, is suing the institution for $4 million, saying he was forced out of his job for reporting an incident in which he saw Jerry Sandusky engaged in inappropriate behavior with a boy, The Centre Daily Times reported. Penn State officials have said that the suit is baseless. But McQueary's suit says that he was forced out of his job and that he is unable to get work in football coaching because of the Penn State scandal, and the perception created by some at the university that he was was part of a cover-up.

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Moody's: Harvard's Endowment Returns Bad Sign for Others

Moody's Investors Service said Monday that the weak return on Harvard University's $30.7 billion endowment, which the university announced last week had shrunk 0.05 percent in the 2012 fiscal year, is a bad sign for endowment-dependent universities. The rating agency said the results probably won't affect Harvard's rating, but are likely to lead the institution and others to rethink their dependence on endowments. "Based on highly variable investment returns over the past decade, we expect endowment-dependent institutions to make more conservative spending decisions for future fiscal years and to more fully assess their operational vulnerability to investment volatility," the agency wrote. "Budgetary models are increasingly stress tested, and management teams are adjusting to more conservative assumptions about long-term rates of return on their endowment. Many have lowered their assumed annual endowment returns to 7 percent to 8 percent, compared to the higher 9 percent to 10 percent return assumptions that were common prior to 2009."

Only a handful of private universities have announced their returns for the past fiscal year, but Moody's projects most endowments to have returns similar to Harvard's. "Most university endowments likely declined by 1 percent to 5 percent in fiscal 2012, net of new gifts, owing to weak investment performance and 4 percent to 6 percent endowment spending for the annual budget," the rating agency wrote.

President Quits at New Mexico State U.

Barbara Couture resigned as president of New Mexico State University on Monday, after less than three years in office, The Albuquerque Journal reported. Couture and the university's board described her departure as "mutually agreeable," but no details were provided on why she was leaving.

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Experts discuss how to address 'butt-chugging' on campus

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Following news of a student being hospitalized after allegedly receiving alcohol enema, experts debate whether this is a trend. Either way, they say, education is needed.

Hartford U faculty committees recommends reallocation of resources

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U. of Hartford faculty recommends cutting several programs to invest in others, becoming the latest college to reject the "having it all" mentality in favor of focus on sustainable programs. 

SMU Faces Scrutiny on Response to Sexual Assaults

Southern Methodist University -- facing criticism over its handling of sexual assault reports -- has announced a new task force to study the issue, The Dallas Morning News reported. In the last month, two SMU students have been arrested on sexual assault charges. In one of the cases, the district attorney's office was not informed of the allegations until eight months after they had been made. In that case, a campus disciplinary body found the accused guilty of misconduct over an allegation that he raped another student. An appeals panel overturned that ruling and it was only then that information was sent to the district attorney, who convened a grand jury, which indicted the accused. "We want to make sure victims get their day in court. And eight months is too long. Eight months is way too long," said a spokeswoman for the district attorney.


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Report shows where faculty trustees have and lack influence

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Survey of faculty trustees finds that they have influence on some issues, but that role is limited because of shorter terms than those of other trustees, and committee assignments.

New California Law Offers Protection to Injured Athletes

Governor Jerry Brown has signed into California law a measure that will require universities that receive more than $10 million in media revenue related to athletics to cover insurance deductibles and pay health care premiums for low-income athletics, and to give academic scholarships to students who lose their athletic scholarships after becoming injured while playing their sport, the Associated Press reported. The legislation also requires universities to pay future medical costs for on-the-field injuries. The four universities covered by the law are Stanford University, and the Universities of California at Berkeley, California at Los Angeles and Southern California. San Diego State University may eventually cross the $10 million threshold and become covered as well. Stanford objected to the bill, saying that it was unfair to only impose the requirements on some colleges and universities.


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