U. of Wisconsin System President to Step Down

Kevin P. Reilly, president of the University of Wisconsin System, announced Tuesday that he plans to step down in January, following a nine-year tenure in the position. He has served as president during a period of deep budget cuts, a faculty unionization drive, a move by the governor to bar such unions and a battle over how much independence the flagship campus at Madison should have. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel noted that Reilly was stepping down after a legislative session in which he had numerous clashes with legislators over reserve funds of the university. But Reilly said that his decision had been in the works well before the most recent legislative session.

The American Council on Education announced that Reilly would become a presidential advisor for leadership at the organization, working on programs to help presidents and other senior administrators. In an interview, Reilly said that he viewed it as crucial to higher education that future leaders be recruited and trained. He noted that in his current position, he has hired 31 chancellors or interim chancellors. One issue he said would like to address is the reluctance of an increasing number of provosts to consider presidencies. He said that he believes the right programs can help provosts see that "while it's not an easy job, it is a job they can do and that is so worth doing."



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Court dismisses lawsuit claiming law school misrepresented employment data

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A federal appeals court upholds dismissal of lawsuit by former students who said Thomas M. Cooley Law attracted them with misleading employment statistics.

Gee Will Make $5.8M in 5 Years as President Emeritus

E. Gordon Gee, who stepped down as president of Ohio State University on July 1, will make $5.8 million over the next five years as part of a new contract with the university. According to the contract, Gee will serve as a tenured professor in Ohio State's law school and his responsibilities will include "completion of his research on 21st Century Education Policy and will include research, writing and national speaking as well as teaching or lecturing" in the law school, the school of public affairs and the college of education. Gee's annual base salary will be $410,000, and he will receive retirement contributions and a grant of $300,000 to fund his research. After the five years are up, Gee's salary will be equivalent to the highest-paid non-administrative faculty member in the law school.

The new contract waives any compensation Gee would have been entitled to under his previous contract with the university, which would have paid out approximately $6 million in supplemental and deferred compensation over the next four years.

New York Adds Law on Fire Safety in Student Housing

A new law in New York State requires colleges to give students information about fire safety in their dormitories or in off-campus housing run by universities, and the information must address specifics about students' housing, such as sprinkler systems, the Associated Press reported. The law goes beyond previous legislation, which required colleges to publish information about fire safety. The new law applies to public and private institutions.


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Penn State announces new health insurance surcharges for smokers, others

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Penn State angered faculty when it mandated biometric tests for those on health insurance. Now it's charging extra to those who use tobacco. Faculty members -- including those who don't smoke -- are furious.

U. of California Board of Regents adopts new measure for academic freedom

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U. of California board -- responding to 2006 Supreme Court ruling -- codifies the right of professors to offer views on any policy or action of the university.

President Will Quit at Goddard

Barbara Vacarr, president of Goddard College, has announced that she will leave at the end of the year so she can focus on family issues, the Associated Press reported. The announcement follows reports that the college is facing serious financial difficulties, forcing pay cuts and the suspension of retirement contributions, among other measures.

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Campus administrators need to lead with their minds and hearts (essay)

Bobby Fong offers a different kind of career advice for campus administrators, focused on their hearts and minds.

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AGB launching commission to rethink role of governing boards, including in academics

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Trustee association is putting together a high-profile committee to rethink board structure and role in the face of challenges, including talk about what role trustees should play in academics.

Appeals Court Backs Release of Names of Officers in Pepper Spray Incident

A California appeals court has ruled that the names of the officers involved in the notorious pepper spray incident at the University of California at Davis are covered by the state's open records law and should be released, the Associated Press reported. The Los Angeles Times and The Sacramento Bee have been requesting the names. The appeals court issued a stay for the ruling, giving the union that represents the officers 40 days to file an appeal with the California Supreme Court.

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