Rejecting the requirement to publish dissertations online

Balking at a requirement to upload a copy of his doctoral thesis to an online database run by library services company ProQuest, one student pushes back.

An accessibility turnaround at Atlantic Cape Community College


Atlantic Cape Community College reformed its accessibility practices after a disability discrimination lawsuit. Now students with disabilities are enrolling in record numbers.

Institutions generally don't have provisions against professors dating students they just taught

Institutions tend to either ban student-faculty dating altogether or where a supervisory relationship exists. But they don't ever say professors can't date students who were recently -- sometimes very recently -- in their classes.

Governing board at University of Mississippi debates professor's tweets

A professor's future at the University of Mississippi was uncertain for several hours Thursday as the statewide governing board debated his social media record before finally granting him tenure.

Institutions find success by developing online programs in-house rather than outsourcing

As concerns about outsourcing ring out across online education, several institutions have carved out niches by developing in-house capacity that resembles OPM functions.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute clarifies promotion process to full professor and expands the definition of scholarship

WPI wants associate professors to understand what's possible, and offer options that go beyond traditional research.

Harvard revokes emeritus status and retirement privileges from professor who harassed women for decades


Harvard revokes emeritus status and retirement privileges from professor who was found to have harassed women for decades.

What will become of neuroscience at Montana State?

Professors on campus say the university plans to turn a research-rich department into a more general biology-focused premed feeder school.

Doane U suspends library director over exhibit that included 1920s-era students in blackface

University library exhibit included photos of students from the 1920s in blackface. Now the library director is suspended -- and some of her faculty colleagues say Doane made the wrong call.

Brown University and others consider lessons of its open curriculum, now 50 years old

Educators from the university and elsewhere consider whether innovation is still possible in liberal arts education.


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