Academic Minute: Richard III

In today’s Academic Minute, Norman Housley of the University of Leicester explains what a recent archaeological discovery could mean for our understanding of one of England’s most maligned monarchs. Learn more about the Academic Minute here.


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The Impact of Time Between Tests

Research released Monday by the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests that student performance on tests may be related not only to knowledge gained, but time between significant tasks. The new research -- by Ian Fillmore and Devin G. Pope of the University of Chicago -- examined student performance on Advanced Placement exams. The AP final exams are not always on the same schedule, so students who take more than one AP exam have varying amounts of time between the tests. The study found "strong evidence" that having shorter time periods between exams resulted in lower scores on the second exam. Students who take two exams with 10 days between them are 8 percent more likely to pass both exams than those who take the exams one day apart. An abstract of the study may be found here.


2012 Nobel Prize in Physics

Serge Haroche and David J. Wineland were this morning named winners of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics for "ground-breaking experimental methods that enable measuring and manipulation of individual quantum systems." Haroche is a physicist at the Collège de France and the École Normale Supérieure, both in Paris. Wineland conducts his research at the National Institute of Standards and Technology and University of Colorado, both in Boulder, Colo.


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Colleges start new academic programs

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Nobel Prize in Medicine

John B. Gurdon of the University of Cambridge and Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University were this morning named joint winners of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Medicine "for the discovery that mature cells can be reprogrammed to become pluripotent." Yamanaka is also affiliated with the Gladstone Institutes, in San Francisco.



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Essay on whether faculty are trained for emergency situations

Running 'Round the Ivory Tower

Two recent incidents have Terri E. Givens wondering whether faculty members are adequately trained to respond in emergencies.

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Academic Minute: Early Spanish Missions

In today’s Academic Minute, Keith Ashley of the University of North Florida reveals what life was like for Native Americans at the earliest Spanish missions. Learn more about the Academic Minute here.

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Indian university tries to remake itself by hiring new faculty

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An Indian-born astrophysicist is returning home, part of a grand plan to rejuvenate one of India’s best-known higher education institutions.

U. of Kentucky Faculty Leaders See 'False Crisis'

Faculty leaders at the University of Kentucky issued a letter Thursday to President Eli Capilouto charging that he has created a "false crisis" to justify budget shifts, The Lexington Herald-Leader reported. The letter acknowledges that the state has cut appropriations, but argues that only $20 million of a $43 million budget deficit can be attributed to those cuts. The rest of the cuts -- which have led to 140 layoffs -- were necessary because of the administration's budget priorities, the faculty letter said. Capilouto told the newspaper that he welcomes "constructive feedback."


Read more here: http://www.kentucky.com/2012/10/04/2360392/university-of-kentucky-faculty.html#storylink=cpy
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Positive thinking can help campus employees thrive (essay)


Exhausted so early in the term? Yes, it can happen. Consider recharging with some positivity, advises Maria Shine Stewart.

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