Executed Saudi student was allegedly convicted on basis of confession obtained under torture


A Saudi student who gained admission to Western Michigan University was beheaded last week for charges associated with his participation in a pro-democracy protest.

Federal granting agencies and lawmakers step up scrutiny of foreign research collaborations

Over past 18 months, the White House, federal agencies and Congress have all signaled concerns about theft of sensitive academic research by foreign competitors. Here's what's been happening.

Maryland professor resigns after allegedly making discriminatory comments about Chinese students and cheating

Professor at Maryland who allegedly accused all Chinese students of cheating resigns, the latest in a series of incidents involving tensions between faculty and international students.

White House convenes meeting on international students


Emphasis of discussion was on those who may want to stay and work in the U.S. after graduation.

British universities confront fast-approaching Brexit deadline


As the date for the U.K.'s planned withdrawal from the European Union approaches, universities plan for a "no-deal" Brexit while hoping that won't happen.

'Oregonian' reports on cases of Saudi students accused of crimes fleeing U.S. justice

The Oregonian reports on a series of cases in which Saudi students at U.S. colleges were accused of crimes but disappeared before facing U.S. criminal charges. Two senators introduce legislation calling for investigation of Saudi government's role.

While staying the course in Saudi Arabia, MIT says it will strengthen processes for reviewing projects in "problematic countries"

Spurred by Khashoggi killing, MIT says it will strengthen review of collaborations in countries where governments are engaged in human rights violations but won't override faculty prerogative or terminate existing Saudi-sponsored projects.

Professors express concern about comments on blackface incidents in book by leader of a Canadian university


Leader of a Canadian university upsets some students and professors with analysis of blackface incidents in higher education.

Weighing in on Duke case, experts discuss discrimination against international students and pressures to assimilate

Recent controversy over email from Duke professor about Chinese students speaking Chinese in lounges reflects larger tensions in academe, experts say.

Duke professor advises students that failure to speak in English outside the classroom could negatively affect their prospects

A professor at Duke University steps down from her administrative role after sending an email to students suggesting they not speak Chinese in student lounge and study areas.


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