Korean Universities Cut Tuition Rates

About one-third of South Korean universities have announced tuition cuts, The Korea Herald reported. The government has been urging the cuts, in a year in which student aid is being increased, to make higher education more affordable for Korean families.

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Tunisian Police End Protest of University That Banned Niqab

Authorities in Tunisia on Tuesday broke up a sit-in that started in November to protest the policy of the University of Manouba banning the niqab, or the full face veil worn by some observant Muslim women, AFP reported. University officials said that they asked for police help to have the protesters -- many of whom are not students at the university -- removed. The university has said that there are security issues in having students enroll when they can't be seen at all because of the niqab.


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Debate Over Plan to Create New Irish University

The presidents of Ireland's existing universities are objecting to a plan to create a new, technologically oriented university, but they are also denying that they are elitists, The Irish Times reported. The proposed new university would combine smaller technology institutes, and proponents say that the plan would improve the education provided to students. But the current university presidents say that the new institution would lack important characteristics of universities, such as major doctoral programs.


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Essay on foreign language competency of new Ph.D.s in languages

Graduate programs in foreign languages need to stop letting their grad students go on the job market without sufficient fluency, writes Stephen Brockmann.

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U. of Tokyo Plans Calendar Change

The University of Tokyo is planning a shift over the next five years to a fall start for its academic year, The Japan Times reported. The issue has been under consideration for months -- and is seen as important by university leaders who want to promote more collaboration with Western institutions that start their academic years in the fall. The current schedule is also believed to discourage study abroad by Tokyo students, and the recruitment of foreign students to spend a semester at Tokyo. Given the stature of the University of Tokyo within Japanese higher education, its move is expected to influence many other institutions in the country to follow its lead.


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Report Shows 43,000 Americans Pursue Degrees Elsewhere

About 43,000 Americans are enrolled in degree programs outside the United States, with a plurality (44 percent) pursuing master's degrees, 39 percent seeking undergraduate diplomas, and 17 percent in doctoral programs, according to a study released Wednesday by the Institute for International Education. The report, a supplement to the institute's annual Open Doors report on the flow of students into and out of the United States, was done in conjunction with Project Atlas. The leading fields for degree study were the humanities, social sciences, and business and management, and Britain was the top destination.

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