Texas wants to boost four-year graduation rate by 20 points

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U. of Texas committee unveils plan to graduate 70 percent of next year's freshmen in four years -- up from 50 percent today.

Student suspended after he writes of affection for professor

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Was Oakland U. right to suspend a student after he revealed in his class writing journal that he finds his instructor attractive?

Q&A with authors of book arguing that learning is waning in higher ed

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Unlike with many critiques of higher education, those who work at colleges and universities are likelier to feel challenged than chastised by this one.

Veterinary schools expand, with focus on large animals

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Professional schools that have been nearly impossible to get into are adding slots.

Rice University announces open-source textbooks

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Rice U. unveils free, digital offering that it says could save students nationwide tens of millions of dollars.

Academic support offerings go unused at community colleges

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New study finds that community college students often don't take advantage of academic support that could help get them to graduation. The solution may be to make those offerings required.

Stanford open course instructors spin off for-profit company

Open Education
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The instructors of Stanford's massively open online artificial intelligence course spin their idea into a for-profit venture.

Veterans-only classes both expanding and closing

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While more colleges create sections only for those with military backgrounds, some institutions move away from that model.

Professor resigns after Muslim students disrupt class

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Two Muslim students at a Texas college disrupt a world religions class to challenge an adjunct professor's interpretations. He then quits to protest what he calls college's failure to back him up.

Stanford's open courses raise questions about true value of elite education

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How close can Stanford's computer science department get to offering world-class courses for free?


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