Court rejects many of publishers' arguments on e-reserves

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In landmark ruling, federal judge rejects most arguments made by publishers in suit against Georgia State over e-reserves. But she also imposes some rules that could complicate life for librarians and professors.

Report documents university systems' progress on college access and success

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Four years ago, nearly two dozen state university systems committed to improving recruitment and retention of underrepresented students. Here's an update on their progress.

Harvard joins MIT in platform to offer massive online courses

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Harvard and MIT hope their free online courses will not only give learners access to top courses, but also give education researchers access to unprecedented pools of learning data.

Report: Barriers to the rise of artificially intelligent tutors at traditional universities

Online Education
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Report identifies potential barriers to the widespread adoption of "machine guided" learning software at colleges and universities.

Pearson partners with Ivy Tech for self-paced, online gen-ed courses

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Pearson announces new self-paced, general education courses in hope of catching overflow from crowded colleges. Ivy Tech cautiously becomes its first partner.

Princeton, Penn and Michigan join the MOOC party

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With help from venture-backed company, Princeton, Penn and U. of Michigan announce they will become the latest high-profile universities to offer free, interactive courses to massive online audiences.

Conference considers the connection between liberal arts and careers

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Conference considers the question of whether institutions focused on a broad definition of learning can also embrace the idea of training students for the job market.

The country’s oldest Ed.D. program will close down

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Harvard decides its doctorate in education will be a Ph.D. Does the shift raise broader questions about the degree the university is ending?

Arizona survey examines student cheating, faculty responses

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Study at a large university identifies which students are most likely to break the academic rules, and suggests theories on how faculty can fight back. For many students, cheating isn't a big deal if it's on homework.

Stanford professors spin off company to support free online courses

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Two Stanford professors spin off their experiments with massively open online courses (MOOCs) into a company that could serve as a platform for similar projects.


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