The Debate on Free Tuition at Community Colleges
March 2, 2015 - 3:45pm

Few ideas for higher education policy in recent years have taken off as quickly as free tuition for students at community colleges. First the plan of a Republican governor was adopted in Tennessee. Then President Obama, a Democrat, proposed to take the concept national. The president’s plan faces long odds in Congress. But even if it goes nowhere in the near term, the proposal has focused new attention on pressing higher education issues: How to make college affordable, how to make colleges seem affordable to those who don’t enroll but could benefit, how to focus state and federal investments in higher education, how to encourage the success of community college students. In this free webinar, Scott Jaschik and Paul Fain, editors of Inside Higher Ed, discuss the issue of free tuition for students at community colleges. 

Click here to download the accompanying slide deck, and visit to download The Debate on Free Tuition at Community Colleges, a free booklet of news articles on this important topic. 

Inside Higher Ed’s The Debate on Free Tuition at Community Colleges, webinar is made possible with the support of Cengage

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