Evolving Learning for the New Digital Era
June 17, 2015 - 11:59am

“Next gen” may be an apt phrase to describe the evolving learning environment in an increasingly digital era. Colleges and universities are no longer taking their first steps into the use of digital tools for either in-person or online instruction. Rather this is an era of refinement of strategies. Colleges that have for up to a decade used digital teaching tools have been doing so long enough that they can track success and failure and adjust accordingly. Colleges that experimented with MOOCs are applying lessons learned to in-person instruction. With hybrid formats increasingly popular, colleges are mixing and matching the best of in-person and online instruction. And for all of higher ed, having the right learning strategies is closely related to enrollment and financial goals. In this free webinar Inside Higher Ed editor Scott Jaschik and technology reporter Carl Straumsheim discuss these issues.

Before viewing the recorded webinar, we invite you to download our free booklet, Evolving Learning for the New Digital Era, a compilation of articles and opinion essays from Inside Higher Ed offering a range of ideas and perspectives. The accompanying slide deck can be downloaded here.

The Evolving Learning for the New Digital Era booklet and webinar are made possible in part by the support of Blackboard


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