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July 30, 2007
Poet Rory commented on my previous posting’s line about “newcomer Chicago with her wild-onion breath,” only deepening what is probably a mystery, I now realize, for most readers.
July 30, 2007
According to this article in the New York Times, the question of nerd-dom is finally starting to receive a tiny fraction of the attention it deserves.
July 29, 2007
The New York Times noticed in its edition of July 29, 2007 the introduction of differential tuition by field into some public universities. While the notion of explicitly charging more for business or engineering majors than for history or English is hardly new, the desperate search for additional revenue to sustain university operations has led to more explicit pricing strategies such as this one.
July 27, 2007
"The idea that you almost forgot about the world you came from, and the job market you're about to enter...that [college is] a period of self-exploration and intellectual discovery, has faded," says Rick Pearlstein in an interview about an upcoming New York Times piece of his about college. He laments an "internship culture," in which students scramble from the outset of their college years to accumulate vocational goodies.
July 27, 2007
A tenured, Canadian correspondent writes:
July 25, 2007
One of the less lovely aspects of my job is talking with faculty whose promotion applications have been denied. There's usually some bitterness, occasionally some self-awareness, and, in a few blessed cases, a pragmatic approach to determine what would make a successful application the next time.And there's a lot of defensiveness.The most common defensive line is “but I've done everything you've asked me to do!” Well, yes. And that's the problem.
July 24, 2007
An already-employed correspondent (it's relevant) writes:----------
July 23, 2007
University presidents are a varied lot: some charismatic and charming, some dour and solid, some charlatans and others true believers. Those of us who have watched, and lived the cycle of presidential performance often wonder if there’s a predictable set of characteristics that would define the successful, triumphant institutional leader.
July 23, 2007
I work hard at my job, but after this weekend, I'm looking forward to returning to work so I can get some rest.We worked for it this weekend.TW set a goal of giving the kids a great summer, and she's doing just that.Between the beach, the pool, the hayride, and the science museum, the kids barely broke a sweat. I'm pretty much done. Photos taken this weekend include:



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