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'Mad Men' and Learning Tech People
September 21, 2009 - 9:00pm

"Mad Men" won the Emmy for best drama Sunday night, the second year in a row that the show has captured this award.

I know that you are wondering the same thing that I am. If they can make a great TV show about people in advertising set in the early 1960s how come they don't make a show about learning technologists working today? I mean, our lives have as much drama as Don Draper, Pete Campbell, Joan, Peggy and the rest of the Mad Men crew.

So in 35 years when our children are watching "Learning Tech People" (or whatever they call our "Mad Men" spinoff) how will we compare to the knowledge workers at Sterling Cooper:

They drank like we blog.

They smoked like we download podcasts.

They flirted like we build to Wikis.

They slept around like we lecture capture.

They had great suits and hats. We have Kindles and iPhones.

They took two hour martini lunches. We add feeds to our RSS readers.

They had secretaries. We have Google Docs.

They recreated with nicotine and alcohol, we recreate by surfing the Web. In the end, who can say which addictions are worse?



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