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Mission of Venus
July 11, 2010 - 9:15pm

University of Venus: a place for inspiration, change, and solutions.

There is a crisis in higher education and we see this crisis as an opportunity for change.

We created University of Venus because we are passionate about education and we want change: change for students, for faculty and teachers and for staff and administration. Around the world, many recent PhDs encounter a market flooded with overqualified applicants and junior faculty budget lines that are quickly disappearing. The focus at universities is on rankings and revenue. The debates over students define them as customers or clients rather than as partners or learners. Tuition prices in the U.S. continue to skyrocket and private and for-profit institutions are opening up in countries where higher education has had a long history of being tuition-free and state –funded. Costs are rising as students face the worst economic situation in decades. We believe that the very definition of education is at question.

This is a time for change and new ideas.

University of Venus is a place to exchange cutting-edge ideas and brainstorm solutions to the problems we see in our lives as faculty, staff, students and administrators. We are using our global networks to forge ahead in rethinking higher education. Developing relationships with colleagues from around the world helps us to entertain multiple perspectives, to think outside the box, and to create radical global solutions.

At University of Venus people raise questions that are not being raised and draw attention to issues that are being ignored. We share best practices for the work we do in higher education and the lives we lead as GenX women. University of Venus is a global space for building community, empowering people to share their voices and inspiring them to make change happen.

We launched the University of Venus blog in February 2010. Since the launch, we have had almost 20,0000 visits from readers in over 100 countries. Twenty writers from 10 countries have contributed over 100 posts. We are thrilled to be partnering with the expertise of Inside Higher Ed and to be joining with you in creating a larger conversation about the future of higher education. If you are interested in writing a guest post or being interviewed for the blog, please send us an e-mail.

We look forward to meeting you here at University of Venus.

Mary Churchill and Meg Palladino
Founding Editors, University of Venus



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