Books and Publishing

Books and Publishing
Aug 28, 2018
An online textbook priced at almost $1,000 has infuriated students trying to navigate an already confusing textbook marketplace, but Louisiana-Lafayette officials insist they had "good intentions."
Scott McLemee reviews two new scholarly books on the American electorate and its discontents.
Authors discuss their new book about viewing colleges and universities as media institutions focused on winning over audiences.
Author discusses her new book on classics and misogyny in the digital era.
Scott McLemee reviews John Cleese's new book, Professor at Large: The Cornell Years, a selection of lectures and colloquies from his time moonlighting as an Ivy League don.
Editors of book series stop publishing with Springer Nature to protest its acquiescence to Chinese government censorship demands.
Sociologist discusses his critical book about visual arts M.F.A. programs, based on his close observations of them. He laments a lack of focus on beauty.
Author discusses his new book about history of black activism and the civil rights movement at Ivy League universities.
In the face of the administration's attacks on the press, Greg Britton questions whether his work as a scholarly publisher really differs from that of journalists.
Editors discuss new book about drive to remove honors for Cecil Rhodes from universities in Britain and elsewhere.
Author discusses new book on what it means to be Latino at three distinctly different institutions: a liberal arts college, a research university and a regional public university.
Julie Schumacher resurrects Jason Fitger for a -- slightly -- more sentimental sequel to 'Dear Committee Members.' This time, the English department at fictional Payne U. faces a battle for its soul.
Masterpiece or not, William S. Burroughs' "The Revised Boy Scout Manual": An Electronic Revolution fills a puzzling lacuna in the Beat author's bibliography, writes Scott McLemee.



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