Higher education is hot. Jargon once relegated to the academy’s back alleys has gone mainstream while potential industry disruptions arrive with the speed of a viral video on the Information Superhighway. Keeping up with the Next Big Thing can be tough, and woe to the academic cocktail partygoer who doesn’t know what these MOOC things are.

Never fear: we’ve got you covered. Inside Higher Ed’s reporters and editors have compiled a list of terms, trends and people to know this year, as well as those that are so 2012. But while we fancy ourselves au courant – it’s our job, after all – nobody’s perfect. So please send us additions (in the comments section) to the following In & Out list.

Happy 2013.

2012   2013
Credit hour   Digital badges
Recruiting full-pay students   Recruiting Malia Obama
‘Fessing up for fudging U.S. News data   Getting better at hiding U.S. News trickery
Striving to get into AAU      Striving to get into Big Ten
Law school bubble pops   J-school bubble pops
Clay Shirky   Andrew Ross
Western Governors University   New Charter University
Big data   FERPA
Arizona State University    Northern Arizona University
$10,000 degrees   $10,000-a-year professors
Push to improve conditions for adjuncts   Colleges cut adjuncts’ hours
"Pitch Perfect" (with Anna Kendrick)   "Admission" (with Tina Fey)
Rick Santorum questions value of college   The New York Times questions value of college
Remediation   Gamification
Reputation-damaging athletics scandals   Reputation-damaging athletics scandals
For-profit colleges   For-profit MOOCs
Disruption   Alignment
Fetish clubs   Abstinence clubs
Innovation   Scaling up
Coursera   Google
Legislation   Accreditation
Completion agenda   Productivity agenda
Republican governors question humanities   Republican governors question
Fiscal cliff   Economic recovery
Clay Christensen   Siva Vaidhyanathan
Representative Virginia Foxx   Representative-elect Susan Brooks
Maryland vs. Duke   Maryland vs. Northwestern
Syracuse vs. Georgetown   Syracuse vs. Wake Forest
Peter Thiel’s $100K dropout scholarships   Apple’s six-figure salaries for college grads
Political science   Meteorology
Nate Silver's blog   Rosemary Feal's Twitter feed
Alt-ac   Anything that pays
Google Books   Digital humanities
Marco Rubio on science   Jon Huntsman on science
Arne Duncan   Elizabeth Warren
Bloomberg lures university to NYC for $100m   U. Texas offers Bloomberg
$100m to run for Texas gov
Colleges   Course aggregators
Professors   Subject matter experts
Flipped classrooms   Flipped climbing walls
E-textbooks available through the LMS   E-textbooks are the LMS
Declining state investment   Declining federal investment
Dean Dad   Matt Reed
California collapses   California rises
Financial aid letters   Financial aid shopping sheet
Need-blind   Need-aware
Student loan interest   Indentured servitude
Big East   Big Lower 48 and maybe Hawaii
Hoping Obama’s second term saves higher ed   Reality
China   Brazil
Teresa Sullivan    Teresa Sullivan
Bath salts and butt chugging   Beer pong (it never left)



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