A Third of Business Officers Eye Online Learning Growth

July 25, 2018

Most business officers do not appear to view online education as a significant strategy for improving their financial situation, Inside Higher Ed’s 2018 Survey of College and University Business Officers finds.

The survey, published last week, offered chief business officers a list of 20 possible strategies they planned to implement in the coming academic year to compensate for insufficient revenue. Thirty-four percent of business officers agreed or strongly agreed that they would shift "more instruction from a classroom-based to a web-based model," far fewer than favored approaches such as increasing overall enrollment (72 percent) and launching new revenue-generating academic programs (63 percent) and master's programs (58 percent). Roughly the same proportion (32 percent) disagreed or strongly agreed they would pursue such an approach.

The proportion saying they would shift more instruction to the web actually declined from 39 percent in 2017.


Inside Higher Ed's Inside Digital Learning

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