Dayton, Pepperdine and Tufts Choose 2U
May 30, 2018

Three universities have selected the online program management company 2U to offer new graduate programs.

  • The University of Dayton School of Law has chosen 2U to help create its new hybrid juris doctor program. Students in the program will take weekly live classes and complete faculty-developed interactive coursework on an online platform. In addition, they'll attend class on campus for one week each semester. This is 2U's first J.D. program, after a planned program with Syracuse University got derailed by the American Bar Association. The institution has previously worked with 2U for online programs in education and health sciences.
  • Tufts University will offer online master's programs in global business administration and elementary STEM education through 2U.
  • Pepperdine University will begin a set of online graduate degrees in business and management with 2U. The institution has already partnered with 2U for online programs in education, psychology and law.

Terms of the deals were not disclosed


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