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   April 2014
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The Missing Students -- More than half of the most talented potential applicants from low-income families never apply to a competitive college, study finds. And admissions officers may be looking for them in the wrong places.

Black Athletes and Other Black Men -- Comparing data on athletes and other black male students, study challenges colleges' commitment to diversifying beyond athletics.

Measures of Segregation -- Data presented at economics meeting show the long-term shifts in the way black and white students are educated -- and suggest that affirmative action bans may increase desegregation by some measures.

Dining Disabilities -- Justice Department settlement with Lesley U. suggests that colleges may need to add specialized mealtime services for students with food allergies.

No Longer a Silent Minority -- This year, gay students at evangelical colleges have been increasingly organized and vocal in pressing for change.

U. of Iowa Will Ask -- Applicants don't have to tell, but they can indicate their identification as gay, and can select transgender as their gender. Iowa is the first major public university to make the move.

Victims Too -- Colleges must take special consideration when addressing and preventing sexual assault involving male victims and gay or lesbian students.


The Marriage Factor -- Female historians who are married move to full professor at a slower pace than their single colleagues, new study finds. For male historians, a spouse appears to speed up promotion.

Women and Tenure at DePaul -- With several high-profile disputes recently settled, and another in litigation, questions arise about university's commitment to diversity and academic freedom, as well as its tenure process.

Free Speech Limited for HR Official -- Appeals court says University of Toledo had right to fire human resources director for op-ed questioning legitimacy of gay rights.

The Gender/Recource Gap -- Why do women publish less in science, on average, than do men? A new study suggests that it may have to do with what universities provide in financial support.

Gender Equity and Rankings -- Should ratings consider institutions' hiring and pay gaps for female academics?

Fatherhood and Academic Life -- When a father is the one balancing work and family duties, not everyone in academe is supportive or even understands, writes Matt Fotis.


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