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ETS will allow GRE takers to select which scores to report

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ETS will let grad school applicants pick which results to report. Test takers are likely to applaud the shift, but will admissions officers?

Study: Grad students need more career guidance

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Study says colleges, industry and government share responsibility for readying graduate students for careers inside and outside the academy.

Essay on graduate student stipends


It's time for programs to be honest about what their doctoral students need to support life's basic necessities, writes Nate Kreuter.

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Website offers regular debates on wisdom of going to grad school

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Blog provides regular jumping-off point for debates about wisdom of pursuing a Ph.D. in the tough job market.

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Wed, 03/14/2012

MLA considers radical changes in the dissertation

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MLA leaders encourage radical changes in Ph.D. programs. Among ideas: ending norm of producing a "proto-book," embracing digital formats, shaming committee members into doing work, and halving 9-year average for doctorate completion.

NLRB delays may prevent ruling on graduate student unions

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NLRB gridlock may mean that grad students at private universities don’t get the chance to unionize.


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