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April 21, 2005

For the last three years, Thomas A. Hamilton has increasingly become a minority of one on the seven-member Board of Trustees of  St. Clair County Community College, regularly challenging policies adopted by the two-year institution's president and questioning whether the board is fulfilling its obligations to oversee and assess her performance.

April 20, 2005

At a Congressional hearing, debate about whether federal aid drives tuition higher, and warnings for colleges.

April 20, 2005

Harvard releases text of speech last year on American Indian issues amid criticism from some who heard it.

April 20, 2005

Presidents say longstanding classroom practices may need to change if colleges are to succeed in educating more minority students.

April 20, 2005

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who became Pope Benedict XVI Tuesday, has a history of clashes with Catholic colleges and theologians.

April 19, 2005

An AAUP report shows how an award-winning professor and his department chair lost their jobs over online criticism of Cumberland College.


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