House of Representatives holds hearing on unionization on campus

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A Congressional committee argues over whether graduate students at private universities should be allowed to unionize.

National University faculty say administration is cutting them out of governance

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Faculty members at National U., none of whom have tenure, say the institution is dealing with its challenges by shutting down shared governance and ignoring their role.

Higher education in first days of the Democratic National Convention

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Gathering in Charlotte attracts representatives from across academe, including two of tonight's speakers.

Purdue University health center to manage long-term health and drive down expenses

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Purdue is setting up an on-site health care center for employees, hoping that easy access to health advice will help the university save money on benefits in the long run.

Kentucky court’s decision questions tenure at seminaries

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Kentucky court rejects suits against Lexington Theological Seminary by two ex-professors, declaring them covered by "ministerial exception" even though they aren't ministers.

Gas drilling research stirs controversies at universities

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Shale gas drilling is controversial, and universities are now the battleground for debates and controversies over the issue.

Faculty unhappy with proposed changes at Columbia College Chicago

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At arts-oriented Columbia College Chicago, faculty leaders want to know why programs to be trimmed are in the arts, and how institution will move to selective admissions.


Faculty retirement and innovative practices

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Colleges honored for creative approaches to encouraging professors to consider going emeritus.

AAUP censures three Louisiana universities

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Louisiana institutions faulted over faculty rights and layoffs of tenured faculty members.

Duquesne University challenges adjunct unionization effort

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Last month, Duquesne signed an agreement with the NLRB for an election to decide if adjuncts could unionize. Now, citing religious concerns, the university wants out


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