AAUP report lays out guidelines for academy-industry relationships

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AAUP issues report calling for tougher guidelines on the relationships between academics and businesses.

Conference considers state of student assessment

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Educators at a Teagle Foundation meeting consider the trends in measuring student learning outcomes.

Duquesne adjunct group wants to organize with steelworkers' union's help

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An adjunct group at Duquesne University has allied itself with the United Steelworkers to try to unionize, leading other adjunct groups near Pittsburgh to seek the powerful union's help.

Academic freedom committee at UC Davis blames administrators

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An academic freedom committee at UC Davis that investigated allegations of intimidation against a professor wants top administrators to apologize to him.

How to ask for what you need to get your idea off the ground (essay)


Elizabeth Simmons offers tips on finding the resources you need to get your great idea off the ground.

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A scholarly organization for those who study the Koran

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Scholarly group focused on study of the Bible is creating new organization for those who study the Koran.

Arizona State faculty members question handling of plagiarism allegations

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Senior history faculty members at Arizona State say that an investigative panel ignored obvious violations of academic standards by one of their colleagues.

New proposal for putting underemployed researchers to work

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A new paper suggests job market for new Ph.D.s could improve through the creation of part-time positions that are focused on research and go beyond the level of support received by postdocs and adjuncts.

Faculty targeted for cuts at National Louis University

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A restructuring plan at National Louis University will shut entire departments and eliminate faculty and staff jobs.

Debate over whether faculties should take stands on political issues

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Should college faculties ever vote to take collective stands on political issues? A debate at William Mitchell raises the question.


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