'The College Fear Factor'

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Despite best intentions, today’s first-generation college students and their professors “misunderstand and ultimately fail one another” in the classroom, according to a new scholarly work on community college pedagogy.

Learning From Online

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Can learning how to teach online make professors better teachers in the classroom?

Clean Slate

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Blackboard abruptly ends its patent fight with Desire2Learn.

Are American Students Lazy?

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Adjunct's column, comparing them unfavorably to her foreign students, sets off debate over work ethic.

Making Teaching a Profession

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Accreditor of education colleges could look toward medicine, nursing to find a new model for teaching.

Rethinking Science Education

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Presidents of liberal arts colleges are urged to move away from single discipline, traditional introductory courses.

The New Sustainability U.

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Grand Valley State, in Michigan, is betting its interdisciplinary and hands-on method of teaching sustainability will set it apart from the crowd.

Plagiarism Prevention Without Fear

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New trial suggests that teaching students about integrity issues can be effective, especially with those who may otherwise be the most likely to copy.

Online Enrollment Up 17%

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One in every four students now takes at least one course online. But study finds increases aren't necessarily matched by faculty respect.

2-Year Honors Boom

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Courses for high-achieving community college students are getting more exposure and becoming more competitive.


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