Introducing Myself

Teresa Mangum offers perspective on the job search -- having launched hers during a previous economic downturn.

The Miserable Colleague


C.K. Gunsalus considers the options when you work in a great department, except for one person who has administrative clout and drives you crazy.

Dancing With Kate Smith


Rob Weir offers advice on how to prepare a syllabus.

Thoughts on Collegiality

A colleague's tragically early death prompts Teresa Mangum to consider the qualities those starting their careers need -- especially in such difficult times.

I'm a Professor. Now What?


In 1978, I got my first teaching job — at a public high school. At the conclusion of the interview, my new principal asked, “What are your qualifications for teaching anthropology?” I retorted, “I can spell it within 75 percent accuracy.” We laughed, but I was 50 percent serious and a 100 percent panicked. I was in a graduate history program at the time, and my sole training in anthro was one undergraduate course six years earlier.

10 Commandments of Lecturing


Rob Weir offers advice on what to do and what not to do to keep your students engaged.

Oh the (need for) humanity…

Teresa Mangum suggests some basic rules of communication and courtesy for search committees.

When You Don't Want to Teach That Course


Dear Survival Guide:

Check It Out by Checking It Off


When it comes to grading essay exams, writes Rob Weir, Mr. Chips was wrong.

Being There

Teresa Mangum considers how departments should manage on-campus interviews.


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