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Furor Over Anti-Gay Blog

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Some at Purdue want to see a librarian fired, but amid fierce debate over tolerance and free expression, university declines to do so.

Philosophers Against Bias

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Following years of debate, association will flag jobs that aren't open to gay scholars. Are Christian colleges being given a "scarlet letter"? Is there a loophole?

Conflicting Rights

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Federal appeals court blocks Southern Illinois U. from denying recognition to Christian legal group -- despite its discriminatory practices.

Protest at History Meeting

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Boycott doesn't disrupt association's annual gathering, but gay scholars and supporters criticize group's use of hotel owned by leading opponent of gay marriage.

'Grossing Up': Equity or Bias?

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Syracuse University may be on the cutting edge of promoting equity for its gay and lesbian employees. Some of the university's straight employees, however, say Syracuse needs to focus its limited funds on benefits for everyone -- and recognize that it can't be held responsible for the inequity of marriage laws in the United States.

Dilemma Over Meeting in Uganda

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Political science association, already facing criticism for decision to hold a meeting in Louisiana, has summer event scheduled for country considering bill that would in some cases call for execution of gay people.

Outreach to Gay Applicants

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Like many colleges, Penn has undergrads help woo admitted students with similar interests or ethnic backgrounds. Now the university is recruiting based on sexual orientation too.

Reversal on Anti-Gay Bias

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Virginia's governor issues order protecting colleges' nondiscrimination policies from demands by attorney general that they be changed.

(Heterosexual) Love and (Women's) Basketball

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When the University of Missouri’s just-hired women’s basketball coach spoke at a press conference this month, her message couldn’t have been much clearer.

“I’m a Christian that happens to be a coach,” Robin Pingeton -- who was hired away from Illinois State University -- said as her husband and three-year-old son looked on. “My values are very important to me.”

Stained Glass Ceiling

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W. King Mott, associate professor of political science and gender studies at Seton Hall University, clearly has earned respect from colleagues at the Roman Catholic institution. He has tenure. He recently finished a term as chair of the Faculty Senate. He served on the search committee for a new president.


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