NCAA asks colleges to prohibit romantic relationships between athletes, coaches

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The NCAA is asking colleges -- but not ordering them -- to explicitly prohibit romantic relationships between athletes and coaches or other athletic department staff. Officials say such policies are rare.

Athletic giving crowds out academic donations, research finds

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Successful teams prompt better fund-raising for sports -- but increases in athletic donations correspond with less academic funding, study finds.

Panel says things are better, but not perfect, for LGBT athletes

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The climate is indeed improving for gay athletes, a panel of experts says, but overcoming still-widespread bias -- particularly in women's sports -- will require help from the less supportive coaches and administrators.

Football advisers predict negative athlete outcomes under 9-credit rule

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Advisers who work with football players predict a new NCAA academic rule will have negative outcomes -- among them, that athletes will choose easier courses and majors.

Midwestern liberal arts colleges use lacrosse to recapture suburban students

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Division III lacrosse has become a tool for Midwestern liberal arts colleges to recapture suburban students, a group central to their business strategy.

Sport psychologists help athletes focus beyond Final Four

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The athletes who will compete in the Final Four have much more going on than just basketball. Sport psychologists help them rein it all in.

The 2012 NCAA March Madness Academic Performance Tournament, Women's Edition

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Presenting the women's edition of our annual Academic Performance Tournament: Who would prevail in March Madness if academics were the key? We did the math, and the competition was fierce.

UNC becomes latest NCAA power to face association punishment

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With Miami and Penn State perhaps waiting in the wings, North Carolina joins Ohio State in a parade of serious infractions findings involving high-profile sports programs.

With football scholarships, Patriot League distances self from Ivies

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The Patriot League's decision to offer football scholarships leaves its Division I counterpart, the Ivy League, as the last conference holding out on athletic merit aid.

Neumann's major NCAA violation: grants for Canadians

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Neumann University's payments to Canadian athletes land it two years of NCAA probation.


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