International higher education

New Worries on Foreign Students

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Analysis of visa trends suggests that renewed optimism about flow of international talent to U.S. may have been premature.

Dr. Dictator

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Universities rethink honorary degrees once awarded to Zimbabwe’s brutal president.

Outposts of American Academe in Middle East

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In podcast interview, presidents of 4 universities share views on evolving role of their institutions and education in their region.

Foreign Graduate Applications Up Again

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Rate of growth slows, though, and numbers still trail pre-2003 level.

Ohio State Dismantles International Office

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Restructuring of university's international affairs office prompts concern from international education world.

Visa Troubles

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A research project is on hold and a speech canceled as an Iraqi professor's attempts to come to North America are stymied.

Point of No Return to Bologna

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With deadline approaching for unifying higher ed system, European universities pick up pace on aligning degrees.

Getting Rid of Expertise

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Why is Education Department replacing respected head of international efforts with someone inexperienced in the field?

Cheating Across Cultures

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Case at Duke's business school highlights concerns over different definitions of academic integrity for students from different countries.

The Prospective (Foreign) Student

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Survey results shed light on priorities and preferences of potential international students as international education conference begins.


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