International higher education

Warning on Bologna

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Speaker tells European rectors that process of unifying higher education has eroded the rights of individual universities.

Introducing India to Community College

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Two-year institution in U.S. awarded grant to help Indian institutions improve their career and technical education offerings.

Into Africa

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Higher ed groups and U.S. back 11 partnerships in which American universities will help African peer institutions solve -- and take ownership of -- problems they've identified.

From São Paulo to Seoul

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Universities establish physical presences abroad -- and some consider new model that would bypass the controversy over commission-based agents.

A Call for Centralized Funding of Europe's Universities

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A leading academic has called for top European universities to be directly funded through the European Union in a bid to ensure that the Continent retains its competitiveness and economic power.

Going Global, Going Liberal Arts

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As some American colleges rethink how their programs should encourage students to gain international perspectives, a Chinese university embraces liberal education.

Online Courseware's Existential Moment

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Historically, universities such as Columbia, Oxford, Yale, Princeton and Stanford and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have defined their value by exclusivity as much as by excellence. The institutions positioned themselves as purveyors of an important public good — a corps of graduates fit to run a nation — but the classrooms and curriculums that ostensibly transform talented high-schoolers into cardholding members of the adult elite have been walled off from the general public.

Decision Time in Britain

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Cambridge embraces tuition hike, raising questions for other universities.

The Ph.D. Rises in Britain

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Having a doctorate becomes the standard for academic appointments -- a trend that the pending increase in tuition fees may accelerate.

Has the Anglo-American Academy Peaked?

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A leading expert on international education warns that cutbacks in funding for British higher education could do long-term damage.


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