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Is Higher Ed Ready to Change?

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INDIANAPOLIS -- One's perception of how widely colleges and universities have embraced the necessity and inevitability of fundamental transformative change -- in how the institutions educate students, how they finance themselves, etc. -- is likely to depend on which sorts of higher education conferences he or she attends.

Pushback on a B-School's Bold Plan

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The blog of the Faculty Association of the University of California at Los Angeles features a video, labeled "a little self-sufficient music" -- the Supremes singing "Stop in the Name of Love." The clip starts not with the famous title line of the song, but with the refrain: "Think it o-o-ver."

Your Tub or Mine

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Economic woes force universities to reopen the debates over budget centralization.

A Lack of Leadership

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Obama, governors and campus chiefs must do much more to achieve college completion goal and close educational gaps, 3 policy groups say.

Universities Gain from Licensing Activity

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Annual survey shows slight uptick in technology transfer activity, despite overall economic slowdown.

Business Metaphor Still Ascendant

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Historians lament "crisis" in higher education -- and many blame a corporate-minded ethos.

All Longhorns, All the Time

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Unprecedented deal with ESPN will put Texas' teams (and professors?) on display 24/7 -- and bring the university as much as $12 million a year.

'Lessons From A Street-Wise Professor'

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Landing a job in today’s economy is tough for most college graduates. For those seeking a career in the fine arts, it’s even tougher.

In response to the changing landscape of professional music, which often requires that musicians work multiple jobs to make a living, some music schools are embedding entrepreneurship in their traditional curriculums in hopes of making their students more business-savvy.

Back to (Semi-)Normal

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Report shows solid rebound in college and university endowments, but offers some signs that institutions remain cautious.

Disruption, Delivery and Degrees

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Author who popularized idea that technological innovation disrupts industries' established powers applies theory to higher education -- with warning to traditional colleges.


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