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Company hopes to get alumni to provide private loans to students

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A company out of Stanford's business school hopes to transform the loan market by getting alumni to invest in students.

Web and Content Marketing Strategy in .EDU: A Roundtable Discussion Webinar

Wed, 03/21/2012

Britain's oversight agency has limited knowledge of private institutions

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Britain's quality assurance agency has no information about the quality of most private institutions participating in government's loan program.

Senate HELP committee hears college affordability testimony

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Senators agree tuition can't keep growing, though their ideas differ on how to address the problem.

California State approves a cap on salary increases for incoming president

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Under pressure from several directions, California State University trustees approve a ceiling on compensation for incoming presidents.

NSF report notes decline in state support for research universities

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States have decreased per-student funding for research universities by about 20 percent, NSF report finds, a rate that outpaces general higher education cuts.

University of Pikeville seeks to join Kentucky public higher education system

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U. of Pikeville will probably face political headwinds in push to become a public university in Kentucky.

Indiana revamps performance funding, focusing on first-year completion

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Indiana revises its performance-funding formula, putting new emphasis on progress toward degree, but not all institutions see an equal shot at the money.


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