Diversity Goals

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Yale sets 7-year targets for hiring new female and minority faculty members -- and changes search committee process.

David Horowitz's Next Campaign

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David Horowitz has a new target: the confidentiality of college tenure rules.

Horowitz inspired legislative hearings and infuriated professors nationwide with his Academic Bill of Rights, which he says is designed to protect students from being punished for their views, but which many professors say would limit their academic freedom. On Thursday, he announced a new campaign -- to ask colleges to modify their rules governing the confidentiality of tenure discussions.

Tenured Professor's Firing (Largely) Upheld

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The University of Wisconsin System's Board of Regents abided by state law in 2001 when it fired a tenured professor for alleged sexual harassment and other misconduct, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled Tuesday. While it largely sided with the university in the case of John Marder, the court sent the case back to a lower court to resolve one factual issue.

Casualty of Anti-War Activism

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Suit charges that professor's tenure bid was derailed over body counts he posts in a hallway.

Web of Lies

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A law professor who became a conservative cause célèbre resigns after parts of his story unravel.

9 University Presidents Issue Statement on Gender Equity

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Leaders of top research institutions declare that "barriers still exist to the full participation of women."

Do Ag Profs Need Tenure?

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U. of Arkansas division plans to shift new hiring to renewable 1-year contracts -- and faculty are outraged.

Anonymous Power

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Scholars debate fairness of shielding identities of those who review tenure candidates and journal submissions.

Getting Along

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In an effort to spread collegiality, literature professors identify ways to stop bickering.

Radical Change for Tenure

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MLA panel outlines plan to end monograph "fetishization," create agreements between departments and new hires, and rethink evaluation process.


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