Court rulings

Transfer of Liability

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A foundation created by Western Kentucky University to manage its dormitories does not have the university's immunity from lawsuits, a Kentucky appeals court ruled Friday.

The ruling sends a lawsuit against the foundation back to a lower court for additional hearings, and the ruling could complicate the arrangements some public colleges have set up with foundations or related entities to manage some of their operations.

Partially Open Records

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A New York court requires Cornell to make public some documents related to one of its state funded colleges.

Unseal the Books

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Iowa Supreme Court rules that state open-records laws apply to a public university's foundation.

Protection for Title IX Whistle Blowers

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Employees who face retaliation for bringing gender bias claims are entitled to damages, Supreme Court rules.

Supreme Court to Hear Bankruptcy Case Involving Colleges

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4 Va. institutions seek state immunity protection as estate of bankrupt bookstore chain seeks to recoup funds.

NFL Rule Barring Underclassmen Stands

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Supreme Court declines to hear case in which player challenged the league's "age" rule.

Court to Rule on Delinquent Debt

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Can the U.S. go after a student loan defaulter's Social Security benefits? The justices will decide.

Headed for the High Court

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Supreme Court will decide long-running dispute over campus access for military recruiters.

Confederates Defeat Vanderbilt

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Appeals court says university must pay -- if it wants to change controversial name of a dormitory.

Ruling Could Help Gay Faculty in Nebraska

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A federal court ruling about Nebraska's ban on gay marriage may end up helping professors in the state win insurance for domestic partners.


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