Court rulings

Lender's Lawsuit Lives Again

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A federal appeals court on Monday breathed new life into a long-running legal battle between two competing student loan companies.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit overturned a lower court jury's 2003 ruling siding with Sallie Mae in a lawsuit brought by College Loan Corporation.

Baptists Win Fight Over Shorter

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Georgia Supreme Court rules that a college's board didn't have the right to sever ties to a religious group.

Baptist Conventions 2, Colleges 0

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For 2d time in a month, a state court undercuts religious college's move toward more independence.

Upturn for Minority Students at Michigan

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Preliminary admissions data suggest climbing black and Hispanic enrollments after changes wrought by Supreme Court ruling.

Supreme Court Hands Wrestlers Loss on Title IX

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Justices decline to hear appeal of lawsuit challenging Education Department's policy on equity in sports.

Court Upholds Firing for 'Content'

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A federal judge has dismissed a journalism professor's lawsuit charging that administrators at Kansas State University fired him as adviser of the Kansas State Collegian because they were unhappy with the student newspaper's content.

Patenting Research Just Got Harder

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Supreme Court ruling expands studies that can legally be done using products of others' intellectual property.

Appeals Court Revives Disability Lawsuit

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George Mason faces allegations of bias in dispute over a test and make-up test.

The Bush v. Gore of Student Government Elections

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State judge bars University of Kentucky from swearing in the official winner of a contested race.

Court Tosses $773,000 Award to Ex-Coach

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La. appeals panel finds no race discrimination in LSU's 1989 dismissal of women's track and field coach.


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