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Questioning 'Unemployed J.D.'

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When a recent law school graduate announced a hunger strike this month, many rallied around "Ethan Haines," as he described himself. Within the blogosphere, and among many legal educators, there is worry about the tight job market for new law grads, and debate over whether too many students are being admitted to law school.

Is Tenure Fair at Law Schools?

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Survey documents significant gaps by gender and race in how professors consider the question.

Law Students in Search of Jobs

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Annual engagement survey points to frustrations over placement rates.

ABA May Drop LSAT Requirement

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Accreditation rules could change to allow law schools to decide for themselves whether applicants must report scores.

Politics and the Law Dean

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As search for a dean for Case Western Reserve's law school finally nears an end, a website opposing a conservative candidate has generated controversy.

Truth Without Consequences?

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Black U.Va. law student admits he made up police harassment story that prompted intense investigation. The university won't press charges against him.

Law School Dropouts

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Decisions by University of Delaware and other colleges to scrap law school plans highlight the difficulty of recouping high start-up costs.

Documenting the Decline of (Print) Law Reviews

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Surveying reviews' spotty compliance with reporting requirements, editor of The Green Bag finds their circulations in steep decline -- but does that necessarily mean lost influence?

Laboratory for Legal Scholarship

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A new law journal is actually a collection of would-be journals -- incubating experiments in nontraditional topics and formats in search of a market.

Rendition Under the Radar

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Law school at the University of Georgia has hired a professor who oversaw a well-known Bush-era terror case -- but so far few seem to have noticed.


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