Fallout in the Middle East

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Colleges in Lebanon and Israel -- with many American students enrolled for the summer -- deal with return of violence to the region.

The Middle East Muddle

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Tensions in the region hamper U.S. government efforts to promote international relationships between colleges.

Boycotting a Magazine's Boycott Issue

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In the annals of academic conferences, few may have been more ill-fated than the aborted conclave on academic boycotts planned by the American Association of University Professors.

When the conference was called off in March, organizers hoped that they could salvage something good from the idea by taking papers planned for the conference and publishing them in a special issue of Academe, the AAUP's magazine.

Input or Intrusion?

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Pro-Israel groups oppose a job candidate at Wayne State and a tenure candidate at Barnard, setting off new debates on academic freedom.

Academic Fallout From Middle East

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British faculty union delegates endorse academic boycott of Israel; U.S. scholars express concern on travel to Iran.

British Union Drops Boycott Call

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Faculty group largely ignored resolutions against their proposal to isolate Israeli academics, but backs down when its lawyer says the action could be illegal.

An Unusual (and Fitting) Teaching Gig

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There's actually logic behind hiring an Israeli scholar to teach Muslim students in Turkey about Christianity.

A Civil Society and the Controversies Within It

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What are the challenges in conducting civil conversations on controversial subjects on college campuses today -- and at summits meant to address just that issue?

When Is a Non-Boycott a Boycott?

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Britain's faculty union -- widely criticized for two previous votes calling for the ostracizing of Israeli academe -- passes measure urging professors to think about the appropriateness of ties to Israel.

Unique Challenges of Preventing Brain Drain in the Middle East

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Lebanese American U. helps doctoral students while Israel universities seek private funds for research.


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