Crowdsourcing contingent salary data

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Two new efforts are under way to gather salary data on on adjuncts and grad students. Will crowdsourcing have influence when traditional data are missing?

Federal appeals court decision might change faculty-student relationship

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U.S. appeals court says U. of Oregon may have retaliated against former doctoral student who alleged sex bias in her graduate program; ruling could reshape balance of power between professors and grad students.

University of Oregon faculty takes step toward unionizing

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Organizers say that they have enough support for collective bargaining at another research university.

Scientists are unhappy with their work-life balance

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An international survey of scientists finds that many are unhappy with the lack of career opportunities and family-friendliness at their institutions.

Ramping up community engagement at UNCC

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The University of North Carolina Charlotte is discussing plans to give community engagement a bigger role in promotion and tenure.

Faculty members at University of Northern Iowa brace for cuts

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The University of Northern Iowa might be moving to cut 30 faculty jobs and eliminate some undergraduate programs. Faculty members are upset, and so are students.

Book by intelligent design proponents upsets scientists

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Biologists were upset this week to learn about forthcoming book by intelligent design supporters from a reputable publisher. Springer, the publishing company, is now holding up the book for additional peer review.

Moving from me to we: Breaking boundaries and building bridges with globally networked learning partnerships

Thu, 06/07/2012 to Fri, 06/08/2012


116 E. 55th St
10022 New York, New York
United States

Faculty Senates at two state universities gird for battle

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At two universities, professors say administrators are changing the rules in ways that take away faculty power -- at one campus over raising grievance and at the other over intellectual property.


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