Adjuncts come together to demand fairer treatment

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The New Faculty Majority, representing professors off the tenure track, gathers for first-ever summit.

Learning to manage academic politics

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Administrators at conference of deans use role play to consider scenarios they face on their campuses.

Academically Adrift's testing suggestions spawn resistance

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It starts with "ass" -- but get your head out of the gutter; it's not what you think. Still, some deans suggest avoiding the word around professors.

Ramping up civic engagement at colleges and universities

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Educators consider how to teach college students to be good citizens -- within a range of academic programs.

Website gives professors a way of reaching out to prospective students

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Could a Twitter-type approach by faculty members give prospective students more reliable information than they find on RateMyProfessors.com?

A Case for Current Affairs History

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Is there a place for current affairs history? A well-known scholar of the Middle East argues that there is, citing news coverage of the Arab Spring.

Report stresses civic learning to strengthen the democratic process

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College leaders will gather at White House today for new report on ways higher education can promote democratic awareness.

How departments of economics evaluate teachers

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Study finds that economics departments rely on student evaluations to judge teaching skills of faculty -- even though many question fairness and accuracy of the ratings.


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