A Case for Current Affairs History

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Is there a place for current affairs history? A well-known scholar of the Middle East argues that there is, citing news coverage of the Arab Spring.

Report stresses civic learning to strengthen the democratic process

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College leaders will gather at White House today for new report on ways higher education can promote democratic awareness.

How departments of economics evaluate teachers

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Study finds that economics departments rely on student evaluations to judge teaching skills of faculty -- even though many question fairness and accuracy of the ratings.

Historians ponder state of the job market

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Amid tough job market, historians consider challenges to promoting nonacademic careers for new Ph.D.s.

Number of history jobs shows upward trend in the 2010-11

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The academic job market in history shows a modest gain, but some doubt that the supply of jobs is going to get much better.

Arizona State University reverses decision to remove head of history faculty

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Arizona State University reinstates head of its history faculty after removing him only days earlier.

Jewish Studies professors discuss challenges at conference

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Scholars discuss efforts to promote education and civility -- when Google may not encourage either, and some students seem to stay away.

University of Denver professor will teach course that offended students

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In case that critics say shows a harassment policy out of control, U. of Denver professor plans to teach the same course that got him suspended.

Beloit focuses on advising

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Beloit College is elevating this responsibility so that it joins teaching, research and service in tenure decisions.


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