Senate Passes Bill to Finance Cultural Endowments

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NEH would receive $143 million and NEA $131 million in 2006, up $5 million each.

Failed Attempt at Easing Study in Cuba

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U.S. House rejects amendment that would have undermined year-old Treasury Department rules.

Stopping a Lender Subsidy, Permanently

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House GOP leaders and Bush administration agree to end 9.5% rate for some loans -- belatedly, Democrats say.

Training Tomorrow's Doctors, For Now

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Growing up in a moderate income area near San Diego, Arnold Cuenca had an interest in and aptitude for science in high school. But as he contemplated potential careers, he, like most of his peers, was encouraged to enter the military or take a job right out of high school -- paths most of his peers chose. His mom was a nurse, though, and that got him thinking about being a doctor.

"Other than my mom, I had nothing to encourage me to become a health professional -- I didn't know what medicine was," says Cuenca.

House Dives In to the Higher Ed Act

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Debate is intense over for-profit colleges, but decisions on many issues are forestalled.

Budget Bill Advances in Senate

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Appropriations panel backs plan to raise NIH spending by $1 billion but keep maximum Pell Grant at $4,050.

Sharing the Pain

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House panel votes to impose cuts on lenders but makes advocates for students unhappy, too.

Parking Garages and Other Pork

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Transportation bill passed by Congress last month contains nearly $500 million in earmarks for colleges.

U.S. Funds for Science Rose 9% in 2003

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NIH doubling effort drove increase; Hopkins leads top 20 again, NSF finds.

Next Step for the Higher Ed Act

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With legislative picture muddied by Katrina, Senate panel makes fast work of its version of key bill.


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