Student, Interrupted

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An Eastern Illinois student with post-traumatic stress disorder was essentially forced out of college after having a flashback in class.

The Right to be Readmitted?

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A white law student with disabilities sues because she wasn't allowed back after failing to meet minimum grade requirements -- when she says other students, mainly minorities, were.

Appeals Court Rejects Use of State Law to Demand Time Extensions on MCAT

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Lower court's ruling would have made it easier for Californians with learning disabilities to seek accommodations on standardized tests.

Tenure Case Hinges on Collegiality

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Faced with charges that he's acted as a "bully" and sought revenge on colleagues who opposed him, a journalism professor at Ohio U. may sacrifice academe's coveted credential.

How Not to Deal With a Student Mother

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UC Davis investigates incident in which professor allegedly polled a class on how to grade a student who had just given birth.


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