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Andrew Kreighbaum joins Inside Higher Ed as our federal policy reporter. Andrew comes to us from The Investigative Reporting Workshop. He received his master's in data journalism at the University of Missouri, and has interned at USA Today and a national journalism institute in Columbia, MO. Before getting his master's, Andrew spent three years covering government and education at local papers in El Paso, McAllen and Laredo, Texas. He graduated in 2010 from the University of Texas at Austin, where he majored in history and was news editor at The Daily Texan.

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August 24, 2018
National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins said Thursday that the agency is investigating multiple research institutions where researchers failed to disclose improper support from foreign governments.
August 24, 2018
The Senate on Thursday approved an $857 billion spending bill covering education, health care and defense that includes new funding for Pell Grants and campus-based research. The bill increases the maximum value of the Pell Grant to $6,195. The National Institutes of Health, meanwhile, get a $2 billion increase, for a total of $39.1 billion in fiscal year 2019.
August 23, 2018
A higher ed researcher cited by Betsy DeVos to justify dropping gainful-employment rule says her work actually backed more stringent standards.
August 22, 2018
Robert L. King, nominee for assistant secretary for postsecondary education, struggled at SUNY but wins praise from public higher ed leaders.
August 21, 2018
The White House announced Tuesday that President Trump will nominate Robert L. King to be the assistant secretary of postsecondary education. King, who has decades of experience in state government but none at the federal level, is Trump’s first nominee for a higher ed post at the Education Department. All but three other Senate-confirmable positions have already been filled at the department.
August 17, 2018
In her new book, controversial former aide to President Trump offers views on education secretary and support for black colleges.
August 15, 2018
The role of college oversight bodies is in the spotlight as more large for-profit institutions look to reclassify as nonprofits.
August 14, 2018
A study finds that most borrowers exit loan default within a few years. But many still fail to make serious progress paying down their balances, and the options facing them are inconsistent and confusing.
August 13, 2018
Education Department's decision to drop gainful-employment rule will mean lowest-performing programs keep $5.3 billion over next decade.
August 10, 2018
Office led by President Trump's son-in-law holds a series of meetings on higher education policy, signaling high-level attention from the administration.


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