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October 20, 2008
A new report examines what colleges spend to comply with Higher Education Act's provisions for guarding against illegal peer-to-peer file sharing.
October 17, 2008
Last summer, the group representing major research universities endorsed legislation that sought to balance the interests of drug makers and the scientists whose work can translate into new advances in medicine. At least one group, however, is sounding the alarm that the bill would make it more difficult to bring cheap, generic drugs to the market -- at the expense of both American consumers and people in developing countries.
October 16, 2008
Professors at U. of Missouri consider whether they can get a fair hearing with an administrator in the room.
October 14, 2008
State's voters will decide whether to ease laws to allow universities to conduct more of the promising but controversial research on embryos.
October 10, 2008
After faculty dispute, Towson compromises on how to distribute raises, while Temple attempts to shift entirely to "pay per performance."
October 10, 2008
Educause releases its annual survey, with notable gains for course management systems and open source software.
October 8, 2008
Some colleges are experimenting with software that turns laptops into digital blue books, which could spell the end of the dreaded exam scribble.
October 7, 2008
A pilot at the University of Texas at Austin will replace printed textbooks with electronic versions for all students in certain classes, free of charge.
October 2, 2008
Signed by Schwarzenegger, the law is already in effect, adding new misdemeanors designed to protect academic freedom of intimidated scientists.
October 2, 2008
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