Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe

Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe is a faculty brat with an enduring case of wanderlust. She spreads the contagion as associate director of the Office of Fellowships at Northwestern University, her undergraduate alma mater. She earned masters degrees in European history as a Marshall Scholar at Cambridge University before completing her doctorate in American history at Princeton. Beth perseveres as the lone source of estrogen in a household otherwise populated by rambunctious boys: her husband, two sons, and a border terrier. In her so-called spare time, she fights household entropy, gardens, bakes boozy bundts, enjoys breakfast in Bollywood, and writes scholarly papers about funky monks.

For more, visit http://elizabethlewispardoe.wordpress.com or find Elizabeth on Twitter@ejlp.

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March 24, 2013
Sheryl Sandberg advises women to “lean in;” the dangling preposition in her book title tells me that Sandberg offers little substance. She offers process without a predicate. Yes, I just judged a book by its cover.
February 20, 2013
My biological sons have some time yet before they will fly into adulthood. However, I have entered the second half of my seventh year as a fellowships adviser.  My first blog for UVenus explained my state of being as Mater de facto et de jure.  In 2010, I had yet to grasp the full impact of my de facto children would play as precursors to the triumphs and traumas of motherhood yet to come.


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