Janni Aragon

Janni Aragon is originally from California and currently writes from Victoria, British Columbia, in Canada.

Janni is a Senior Instructor of Political Science in the Department of Political Science at the University of Victoria (UVIC). She is a regular contributor at University of Venus and her areas of interest are varied: Gender and Politics, Women and Technology, American Politics, Feminist Theories, Youth Politics, and Popular Culture. Janni takes an Intersectional Approach to her teaching, research, and feminisms. Currently she is working on a co-edited Introduction to Women’s Studies textbook and she blogs at http://janniaragon.wordpress.com

Janni is the Chair of the Academic Women's Caucus at UVIC and is excited to lead projects during the next two years, as well as work as an advocate for women faculty and librarians on campus. Janni is an enthusiastic advocate for mentoring and views her role as Undergraduate Advisor in the Political Science Department as an opportunity to mentor students.

In her free time, she spends time with her partner, Jason, and their two daughters. She jokes that they are a NAFTA family combining family traditions from the US, Mexico, and Canada. She also is happy to live in "Techtoria"--one of the most connected social media cities in Canada. You can find Janni on Twitter via @janniaragon, Facebook and Google Plus as Janni Aragon, or via email at jaragon@uvic.ca.

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