AAUP Faculty Statistical Data

2018-19 AAUP Faculty Compensation Survey

The annual AAUP Faculty Compensation Survey is the largest independent source of data on full-time faculty salary and benefits at two- and four-year colleges and universities in the United States. The 2019 iteration of the survey includes information on salary and benefits for more than 380,000 full-time faculty members, and also salaries for senior administrators and pay for part-time faculty members, from more than 950 institutions in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. The survey, along with the accompanying "Annual Report on the Economic Status of the Profession," is published each year in April. Inside Higher Ed below presents these data in an easily searchable database.

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Part-Time Pay Per Course

Part-Time Faculty. The part-time faculty members reported in the survey are those included in the US Department of Education categories of "Primarily Instructional" and "Instructional/Research/Public Service" and defined by their institutions as employed less than full time, excluding clinical or basic science faculty in schools of medicine and military faculty. Individuals meeting these criteria are reported regardless of whether they are formally designated as "faculty." This category does not include individuals employed to meet short-term needs (for example, to cover a few weeks of a course) and students in the Federal Work-Study Program, even if their work has an instructional component.

The course sections for which part-time faculty pay is reported are those meeting the definition of an undergraduate class section in the Common Data Set for 2018–19 (http://www.commondataset.org/), item I-3: "an organized course offered for credit, identified by discipline and number, meeting at a stated time or times in a classroom or similar setting, and not a subsection such as a laboratory or discussion session. Undergraduate class sections are defined as any sections in which at least one degree-seeking undergraduate student is enrolled for credit. Exclude distance learning classes and noncredit classes and individual instruction such as dissertation or thesis research, music instruction, or one-to-one readings. Exclude students in independent study, co-operative programs, internships, foreign language taped tutor sessions, practicums, and all students in one-on-one classes." (See also the notes to table 14 and appendix III.)

Institution | Category | State Number of Part-Time Faculty Minimum Pay per Course Section Maximum Pay per Course Section Average Pay per Course Sectionsort descending Retirement Benefits Health Benefits Calendar Type
Brown UniversityDoctoral | RHODE ISLAND 113 - - $10,000 None None Semester
University of New OrleansDoctoral | LOUISIANA 150 $300 $24,000 $10,229 - - -
Middlebury CollegeMasters | VERMONT 26 $9,000 $11,850 $10,359 Some None 4/1/2004
The Evergreen State CollegeMasters | WASHINGTON 68 $8,630 $18,611 $12,443 Some Some Quarter
University of Southern MississippiDoctoral | MISSISSIPPI 184 $1,666 $36,000 $12,525 Some All Other
Reed CollegeBaccalaureate | OREGON 15 $5,400 $22,792 $13,601 Some Some Semester
Sarah Lawrence CollegeMasters | NEW YORK 118 $10,500 $19,890 $13,778 None Some Semester
Hawaii Community CollegeAssociate’s with Academic Ranks | HAWAII 83 $4,707 $25,311 $15,009 Some Some Semester
Honolulu Community CollegeAssociate’s with Academic Ranks | HAWAII 73 $4,707 $25,311 $15,009 Some Some Semester
Kapiolani Community CollegeAssociate’s with Academic Ranks | HAWAII 177 $4,707 $25,311 $15,009 Some Some Semester
Kauai Community CollegeAssociate’s with Academic Ranks | HAWAII 32 $4,707 $25,311 $15,009 Some Some Semester
Leeward Community CollegeAssociate’s with Academic Ranks | HAWAII 104 $4,707 $25,311 $15,009 - - Semester
University of Hawaii at HiloMasters | HAWAII 94 $4,707 $25,311 $15,009 Some Some Semester
University of Hawaii at ManoaDoctoral | HAWAII 431 $4,707 $25,311 $15,009 Some Some Semester
University of Hawaii Maui CollegeAssociate’s with Academic Ranks | HAWAII 122 $4,707 $25,311 $15,009 Some Some Semester
University of Hawaii-West OahuBaccalaureate | HAWAII 109 $4,707 $25,311 $15,009 Some Some Semester
Windward Community CollegeAssociate’s with Academic Ranks | HAWAII 59 $4,707 $25,311 $15,009 Some Some Semester
University of New Mexico-Main CampusDoctoral | NEW MEXICO 226 $3,943 $41,665 $16,960 None None Semester


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