State judge says Yeshiva can't terminate tenure-track professors for financial reasons, based on its own policies

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New York judge says Yeshiva University, based on its own policies, can't terminate tenure-track professors for financial reasons.

College hazing becoming easier to punish

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With high-profile hazing cases such as the death of Timothy Piazza at Penn State comes more willingness to punish -- by both prosecutors and universities.

Arrest of U of Maryland student in stabbing death of Bowie State student shakes both campuses

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White U of Maryland student, who officials say was a member of white supremacist group on Facebook, is charged in fatal stabbing of a black Bowie State student, leaving others questioning how safe they are.

Indiana ban on sexual assault offenders applauded, but not adopted elsewhere

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Indiana University recently adopted a policy that bans athletes with a history of sexual assault, raising the question why other institutions and NCAA conferences aren't doing the same.

Mills College declares "financial emergency" and plans layoffs and curricular reform

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College announces layoffs (likely including tenured professors) and plans for curricular reform -- amid a deficit that has grown to $9 million.

Burlington College campus purchase still coming back to haunt Jane Sanders

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Burlington College closed last year, but controversy still swirls over reports of a federal investigation into land deal by a former president, Jane Sanders, wife of Bernie -- an investigation allegedly sparked by a prominent Republican.

Wisconsin-Eau Claire policy to require all faculty and staff members to work toward campus equity goals

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University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire policy will require all faculty and staff members to work toward equity, diversity and inclusion, for consideration in their evaluations. It's controversial, but proponents say it's an efficient way to put values into action.

Americans see value in higher education, survey finds, but are unhappy with current system

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Americans see the work force and societal value of getting a college degree, a survey from New America finds, but community colleges have more support than do other sectors.

Study: student ratings of instructors dependent on discipline; in quantitative fields are most "hazardous" to professors' careers

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New study suggests student evaluations are dependent on discipline and they tend to be especially “hazardous” to professors in quantitative fields.

Duke divinity school professor objects to diversity training request and sets off debate on inclusiveness and civility

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Professor calls diversity training workshop to which colleagues were invited a “waste,” setting off debate about inclusiveness and civility.


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