Harvard rescinds Chelsea Manning's fellowship

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University acts amid uproar over her selection.

Atmospheric scientist at Illinois is on leave after refusing to provide lecture slides to student with disabilities

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A famed atmospheric scientist at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is on leave after refusing to heed administrators' request that he give electronic lecture slides to a student with disabilities.

Kentucky's governor says universities should think about cutting programs with poor job prospects

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Kentucky governor sets off debate -- and nettles some professors -- by suggesting eliminating programs that don't prepare students for good-paying jobs.

Cornell Tech officially opens campus on New York City's Roosevelt Island

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Almost seven years after winning high-profile competition, Cornell Tech opens on Roosevelt Island, with 30 faculty members and almost 300 graduate students.

Reed College course lectures canceled after student protesters interrupt class to protest Eurocentrism

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Lectures for one of Reed College’s signature learning experiences, a humanities course on the ancient Mediterranean, were canceled after protesters tried to interrupt the class to protest perceived Eurocentrism. What’s the future for courses grounded in ancient -- largely Western -- texts?

DeVos says federal Title IX guidelines have ‘failed,’ will seek public input for new regulation

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Education secretary says department will replace “failed” guidance on campus sexual assault, praised by many survivors’ advocates, with temporary compliance “information” before soliciting comment and issuing new regulations.

Three books arrive on campus free speech debates

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After a year of constant debate and considerable divisiveness, three texts seek to make the discussion more productive.

Campus administrators reassure students of protections after Title IX announcement

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After Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announces plan to change rules around campus sexual assault investigations, many college-based professionals reassure students that their commitment to preventing and punishing sexual assault remains unchanged.

State campus rape laws could be problematic under new administration

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California, New York and other states have embraced Obama’s approach on campus sexual assault -- what happens if Trump reverses course?

Trump administration announces plans to wind down DACA after six months

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Colleges look to support students after administration announces end of program that granted hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants protection from deportation and the right to work.


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