Popular career platform for Ph.D.s is owned by foundation behind uncovered undergraduate admissions fraud case

Popular alternative-academic career platform was bought last year by the foundation behind the recently uncovered undergraduate admissions scheme.

University of Maryland University College will change name and spend big to grow national footprint

The online university will become University of Maryland Global Campus and spend $500 million to grow nationally, while some in the Maryland system mull whether the university could help run online programs for other campuses.

New paper says slapping faculty harassers on the wrists compromises comprehensive prevention


Slapping faculty harassers on the wrists compromises the comprehensive prevention to which institutions are legally and ethically bound, according to a new paper.

White House wants 12 percent cut in education spending

Congressional appropriators have rejected previous White House calls to cut student aid. New budget plan also backs congressional deal on "risk sharing" for colleges.

Looming White House executive actions on higher education may cover more than free speech

White House may be planning executive actions on program-level outcomes data and student loan risk sharing, as well as on free speech, perhaps around the release of its proposed budget next week.

Professor at institution 'nobody's heard of' takes on Dinesh D'Souza on Twitter


Professor at university Dinesh D'Souza says "nobody's heard of" instructs him on the mission of smaller, access-oriented private institutions.

University of Massachusetts to launch online college for adults in state and nationwide

The University of Massachusetts System wants to compete with Southern New Hampshire and Purdue Global. Details on cost and strategy are still trickling in.

New study of NIH funding says women get smaller grants than men


New study of NIH funding says women over all get smaller grants than men, even when controlling for research potential. The findings have implications for their long-term success in academic science.

Major survey shows professors worry about discrimination but aren't prepared to deal with classroom conflicts over diversity

Major survey shows that professors worry about discrimination but aren't prepared to deal with classroom conflicts over diversity. Other findings touch on mentoring, pay and politics.

President Trump vows to issue executive order barring research funds to colleges that don't support free speech

President says he will deny federal research dollars to institutions that do not protect free speech. Higher ed groups question need for a measure. Could Solomon Amendment be a model for Trump?


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