Saint Joseph's plan to suspend operations prompts questions looking ahead and behind

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Saint Joseph's will suspend operations, saying it lacks funds to continue without an overhaul. Many faculty members, students and alumni question how things got so dire.

Iowa lawmakers push bill to severely restrict collective bargaining for public campus employees

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Iowa lawmakers push bill to severely restrict collective bargaining by employees in higher education.

Appeals court keeps Trump's travel ban halted

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Appeals court keeps in place temporary restraining order barring administration from enforcing ban on entry into U.S. for nationals of seven Muslim-majority nations. Court cites concerns of universities for their students.

Baylor not alone in shielding athletes accused of misconduct from punishment

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Baylor University’s former head football coach covered up his players’ sexual violence and other troubling behaviors for years, new court documents allege. But the university is not alone in protecting athletes from punishment.

DeVos confirmation squeaks through Senate

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After winning confirmation with the vice president's tie-breaking vote, new education secretary is expected to shift away from Obama policies on for-profit higher education, regulation and dealing with sexual assault on campus.

Betsy DeVos's connection to The College Fix, a conservative higher education news site

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Education Secretary nominee Betsy DeVos has family and likely financial connections to The College Fix, a conservative news site that often criticizes liberal bias in higher education.

Saint Joseph's in Indiana will suspend operations

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Saint Joseph’s of Indiana says it doesn’t have money to continue after this semester.

Lehigh president moves quickly on growth plans

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As many Northeastern colleges fear enrollment declines, Lehigh University charts ambitious growth plan including 1,000 additional undergraduates, 100 more faculty members and a new college of health.

Experts say Trump cannot cut Berkeley's funds, despite his tweet

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Experts say current law doesn’t permit punishing a university over handling of a speaker -- and that the president’s tweet distorted what took place.

NLRB general counsel says private college football players are employees

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Big-time college football players at private institutions should be considered employees, the National Labor Relations Board’s general counsel says in new memo.


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