Few colleges use controversial sexual misconduct policy adopted by Stanford

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Stanford faces criticism for policies requiring a supermajority or unanimous vote when deciding responsibility in sexual misconduct cases. Few other institutions have a similar process.

Leaders ask what free tuition would mean for New York campuses

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Presidents of public institutions in New York say they welcome Governor Cuomo's plan and could find ways to enroll many more. But they still have questions.

Molly Broad to retire as head of main college lobbying group

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Under its first woman president, higher education’s chief lobbying group fought Obama ratings plan and embraced “innovation” agenda.

New York's tuition-free plan sparks debate

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New York's governor wants to make public higher education free for most students, setting off new debate on the concept.

2017 In-and-Out List

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A look at what happened in 2016 and what's to come in 2017 with Inside Higher Ed's fifth annual in-and-out list.

Will colleges still use preponderance of evidence standard if 2011 guidance is reversed?

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If Trump administration changes the rules on colleges’ obligations in adjudicating sex assault charges, will institutions change their policies?

Stony Brook philosophy Ph.D. says his department plans review amid claims he's a neo-Nazi

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Stony Brook may be reviewing scholarship behind dissertation approved in philosophy for figure active in white nationalist circles. Some worry about academic freedom implications of such a review.

State audit criticizes University of Louisville's relationship to foundation

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State audit finds fault with management structure and decisions under former president, who responds that auditors failed to consider Louisville's "amazing academic trajectory."

ACE report urges college leaders to ensure 'culture of integrity' in athletics

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Following a series of high-profile cases of academic fraud in college sports, the American Council on Education releases a new report calling on institutions to better align athletics with their academic mission.

Only 17 percent of recent graduates say career centers are 'very helpful'

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Today’s students are more likely to visit career centers than past graduates but less likely to rate those interactions as very helpful, a new Gallup-Purdue University study finds.


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