Texts cast doubt on Kennesaw State president's statements


New questions are being raised at Kennesaw State after local politicians boasted about influencing the president’s decision on how to respond to a racial protest movement.

New study pushes back on decades of studies suggesting that scientific productivity peaks early and declines thereafter

New study pushes back on decades of studies suggesting that scientific productivity peaks early and declines thereafter.

Credential Engine seeks to create a database of public information on all credentials

Ambitious project to create public database of wage data and other information about all postsecondary credentials seeks to help students and employers know more about what's expected in academic and job-training programs.

Colleges and universities set high targets in latest fund-raising campaigns

An increased focus on fund-raising meets a surging stock market to create ideal conditions for campaigns.

Ohio State, University of Cincinnati diverge on how to answer Richard Spencer

University of Cincinnati will let the white supremacist speak. Ohio State, citing safety concerns, is “considering other alternatives.”

College presidents and provosts gather to consider issues of free speech

Participants agree that campuses must be places for all views to be expressed. But some academic leaders also see this as time to change the narrative on higher education and to challenge the idea of students as “snowflakes.”

Breaking: NCAA finds no academic fraud by UNC

Ruling comes despite university’s finding that many athletes were for years enrolled in and passed courses they did not attend and that were not taught by anyone.

Colleges search for answer to high spending on controversial speakers

Administrators don’t yet know how to handle the high costs of controversial figures appearing on their campuses.

Wisconsin merger plan stokes controversy, but some see upside

Professors fear an ambitious systemwide merger plan is rushed, but system president argues it is necessary amid tight budgets and declining enrollment at Wisconsin's two-year colleges.

As speaker protests continue, options for punishments unclear

Columbia students prevent British anti-Islam activist from talking via video. Michigan students block part of Charles Murray talk.


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