Stanford's ban on large containers of hard alcohol sparks debate about sexual assault

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Stanford adopts policy banning large containers of hard alcohol on campus, leading to criticism that such policies do little to protect victims of campus sexual assault.

Bard College faces liquidity (and strategy) questions

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Bard College takes (another) ratings downgrade on liquidity concerns. Can leaders keep defying the conventional financial wisdom?

NLRB says graduate students at private universities may unionize

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Federal labor board overturns ruling that denied collective bargaining rights. On many campuses, grad students vow to organize. Many higher ed leaders and Republicans in Congress criticize ruling.

Charles Sykes takes higher education to task once again with a new book

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Author of the 1988 book Profscam, conservative talk radio host Charles Sykes, discusses his new book that again takes on higher education. 

Victims, advocates worry about bias in campus hearings

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Possible bias during hearing processes continues to be a concern for students reporting campus sexual assault.

Retirement plan lawsuits could be just the beginning

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As lawsuits allege major universities dropped the ball in running their retirement plans, experts believe more institutions will find themselves in the crosshairs.

Feds unveil details of experiment with alternative providers and accreditors

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Education Department announces eight winning partnerships in experiment to open federal aid to alternative providers, with a possibly influential new way of assuring academic quality.

How can an increasingly popular academic review process seem more meaningful to faculty members?

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How can a process more and more administrations are embracing be supported by professors? Or are they right that the process is really about eliminating programs that aren't seen as rainmakers?

Pitzer student's posting seeking minority roommates sets off broad debate

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Minority student at Pitzer advertised for nonwhite roommate. Her president was critical. Does reaction ignore reality that many white students get white roommates all the time?

Universities struggle with spate of contested presidential ousters

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Presidents are facing more scrutiny and capturing headlines as they fight publicly with boards for their jobs.


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