Groups Release New Guide to Student Mental Health

The National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Jed Foundation on Wednesday released a new guide about mental health for students and their parents. Called Starting the Conversation: College and Your Mental Health, the guide is designed to help parents and other family members discuss mental health issues with their children before they leave for college. The guide includes information on prevalence of mental health conditions, warning signs, mental health care on campuses, and health and privacy laws.

Earlier this week, Hillary Clinton unveiled her proposals to improve mental health services in the United States. The plan, which the Jed Foundation helped create, included urging colleges to "have a comprehensive strategy to prevent suicide, including counseling, training for personnel, and policies that enable students to take leave for mental health."

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Professor Tops Syllabus with Mock Trigger Warning

Trigger warnings — cues professors may give students to alert them to potentially troubling material — remain divisive. But most professors who don’t like trigger warnings don’t include them in their syllabi. Not Peter Schwartz, a professor of engineering at Auburn University, who mimicked the medium to critique it. "TRIGGER WARNING: physics, trigonometry, sine, cosine, tangent, vector, force, work, energy, stress, quiz, grade,” reads the top of his syllabus for his fall course in the fundamentals of engineering. Schwartz told this week that he finds trigger warnings “silly.”

"I think trigger warnings are a joke to begin with and I wanted to see what one might look like in an engineering course,” he said. “Looks kind of silly, doesn't it?” Schwartz told that he’d gotten very little feedback thus far on the mock-warning, either good or bad. Auburn did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Insights for being a woman leader in academe (essay)

Bette L. Bottoms provides advice for women who are interested in senior administrative positions in academe.

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10 Trustees Quit Board of Arcadia U

Ten trustees have quit the board of Arcadia University in recent months, while another five left as their terms expired, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. The resignations come at a time that the university is trying to shrink a deficit and faculty leaders say not enough information has been shared about the budget for the coming year. They also say that they have been told some layoffs may be in the works. The university released a statement that said that the 2016-17 budget would be balanced, but no detailed were provided.



Felician U Suspects Hack Led to Mass Racist Email

Felician University is investigating a possible hack of its housing director's email after a mass email was sent out denigrating black students, reported. The mass email upset many on the campus. Felician officials said that they suspect a hack because it was sent to some email lists to which the housing director does not have access, and because they don't believe the email is consistent with her views. The email, in part, complained about the attitudes of black students and said that parents wonder about whether the university has a drug problem.

Erskine President and Board Chair Leaving

Both the president and the Board of Trustees Chairman are turning over at Erskine College, suddenly leaving the Christian institution in South Carolina without top leadership just months after it was roiled by proposals to split off its seminary.

Board Chairman Ron Vigus has resigned from the role effective immediately, a college spokesman confirmed Tuesday. The resignation came as President Paul Kooistra plans to accelerate a retirement that was only recently announced. On Thursday Erskine announced that Kooistra, who started as president in August of 2014, would continue to lead the college as it carried out a six-to-18-month search for a new permanent president. But Kooistra now plans to step down no later than Oct. 31. Kooistra said in a letter he decided on the shorter time frame for personal reasons. No reason was given for the sudden change in board chair.

Erskine, affiliated with the conservative Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, has been home to no shortage of change in recent years. Earlier this year it was pushed to explore splitting from its seminary in what would be a move running counter to a trend of consolidation between seminaries and institutions. In 2014 it struggled to find a president who met religious standards.

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Advice for avoiding conflict through emails (essay)


Engaging in conflict via email rarely results in a good resolution, writes Kerry Ann Rockquemore, who offers advice on how to avoid it.

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Military Students More Likely to Attend For-Profits and Online

Newly released federal data show the enrollment patterns of the 1.1 million military and veteran students who were attending college in 2012, the most recent year covered by the report from the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics.

During the four years before 2012, the percentage of military undergraduates attending for-profit institutions increased to 24 percent from 14 percent, the report said, while the percentage attending community colleges declined to 37 percent from 42 percent.

In addition, both undergraduate and graduate military students were more likely to enroll in online programs than their nonmilitary peers. The report found that 18 percent of military undergraduates took all of their courses online, compared with 12 percent of their nonmilitary peers. Among military graduate students, 41 percent attended fully online compared to 19 percent of nonmilitary graduate students.

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ABA is taken to task by feds and critics on law school student outcomes

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The American Bar Association takes a hard line on two law schools' admissions standards amid criticism that the group's accrediting arm is not doing enough to help struggling law-school graduates.

Dean allegedly shot by a fired professor

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Faculty member sued -- and lost -- after he was dismissed for research misconduct.



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