Hopkins plans shifts in graduate school and faculty hiring

Pioneer in the research university model wants to shrink graduate enrollment (but offer much better stipends to those who are admitted), to favor junior faculty for tenure-track openings. Grad students object.

Digital Freedom Group's road to recognition sparks legal debate at Iowa State U.

A student group's road to recognition at Iowa State University leads the institution to examine where privacy and legality overlap.

Gordon Gee, star college president, is back

Gordon Gee, among the most visible and certainly the most prolific of college presidents, is coming out of retirement to go back to where he began.

Pennsylvania's 14-university system feeling the pain of budget cuts and demographic shifts

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Ed has already cut academic programs and staff members; now it has to cut more programs and professors. 

NYU and UAW agree to terms of election for teaching assistant union

New York University and UAW agree on plan to let grad students vote on collective bargaining, paving the way for return to unionization of teaching assistants at a private university. Expected legal showdown is averted for now.

Adjunct professor challenges mid-semester dismissal from a community college


The recent firing of an adjunct professor of political science from Chaffey College shows just how "at will" part-time faculty members' employment really is. 

How is a new president supposed to clean house?

How is a new president supposed to clean house? Dos and don'ts from a presidency-cut-short at U. of Wyoming.

Labor College, backed by the A.F.L.-C.I.O. for decades, closes because of finances

A union-backed college is forced to shut down. To blame: debt on campus renovations, online effort that didn't work, and waning support from organized labor. Are there lessons for other colleges?


Study links binge drinking and low critical thinking skills, with a caveat

Students who binge drink during college have significantly worse critical thinking skills than non-bingers upon graduation -- but only if they started college with comparatively low skills, study says.

As Congress negotiates budget, new survey highlights strain of sequester cuts on university research

A new survey outlines the impact automatic federal budget cuts have had on research universities, as the leaders of those institutions urge Congress to stop a second round of cuts slated for January. 


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